4 February 2014

Void of Abominable Darkness

Now the void of abominable darkness is open. New advance track for upcoming split 7" ep with another great local black/death metal. More info soon.

28 January 2014

Infernal Kommando re-release “Temple of Flesh, Pillars of Bones” + news

French's Infernal Kommando re-release “Temple of Flesh, Pillars of Bones” in a tapes. Different layout. Support!


On another news; Impious Blood starts to write a few new songs for a new demo. More news will be follow afterward. This will be crushing!

18 June 2013

Temple of Flesh, Pillars of Bones full demo preview

Temple of Flesh, Pillars of Bones can be full preview at the sample pages.

26 May 2013

Official t-shirt coming soon..

Official t-shirt coming soon from Cyclopean Eyes Production (India). The same label who release the mighty Genocide Shrines killer mcd. All inquiries must go to the label! Support!

15 May 2013

New web page & pro demotape by Nexro Records

Hails and welcome to the new web page of Impious Blood. Here you will find news and update regarding Impious Blood, a Black Death metal band from Kedah, Malaysia. The page is still under construction.

Meanwhile, Impious Blood have release it's first demo cdr entitled "Temple of Flesh, Pillars of Bones". Contain 2 track and some intro. Nexro record also release the demo in pro manufacturing audio tape (same material). The cdr version is still available from the band and as for the tape you must contact nexrorecords@gmail.com for info regarding order. I also have some tapes but not too much. Small trade is welcome, write first.

Demotape version
CDr version with DVD case